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Release Notes updates 09.11.2017

Updates Release Notes Bitrix24 LINXYS GmbH

Aktu­el­le Updates für die On-Pre­mi­se Ver­si­on von Bitrix:

17.5.1 (beta)

  • Fixed pro­duct view tracking issue in the catalog.element com­po­nent.

Com­mer­cial Cata­log
17.5.1 (beta)

  • Fixed issue when app­ly­ing a dis­count with roun­ding enab­led.
  • Fixed issu­es found in the catalog.products.viewed component’s set­tings .
  • Fixed issue when saving CSV export and import pro­files for infor­ma­ti­on blocks with a lot of  pro­per­ties.
  • Fixed issue when adding bund­les to the wareh­ouse con­trol docu­men­ta­ti­on.

Shop­ping Cart
17.5.1 (beta)

  • Fixed issue when fil­te­ring ship­ments by the “Ship­ment docu­ment #” field.
  • Fixed issue that made it impos­si­ble to crea­te an order from an aban­do­ned cart.
  • Fixed issu­es found in the sale.order.ajax; per­for­mance impro­ved.
  • Fixed issue when expor­ting cate­go­ries to eBay.
  • Impro­ved per­for­mance che­cking for deli­very sys­tem restric­tions in the sale.order.ajax com­po­nent.

17.5.14 (beta)

  • New opti­on to dele­te a lead, con­ta­ct, com­pa­ny or deal in the details form.
  • The last sta­ge ren­a­med to “Clo­se deal” in the deals form.
  • The last sta­ge ren­a­med to “Com­ple­te lead” in the lead sta­tus form.
  • Fixed issue when sear­ching for a lead, con­ta­ct, com­pa­ny or deal by a pho­ne num­ber con­tai­ning sepa­ra­tors.
  • Fixed issue when dele­ting the last pro­duct item in the deal or lead details.
  • Fixed issue dis­play­ing some cur­ren­ci­es in the details form.
  • Fixed issue skip­ping an auto­ma­ti­on rule when updating the deal or lead sta­tus in the details form.
  • Fixed issue roun­ding float num­bers to inte­gers.
  • Fixed issue igno­ring the respon­si­ble per­son fil­ter in the reports when the date fil­ter is set.
  • Fixed other known issu­es.
  • Fixed issue when crea­ting a new deal in the recur­ring deal details form.
  • Added a pay­ment due date para­me­ter for recur­ring invoices.


  • Fixed issue dis­play­ing buy­er details ins­tead of sel­ler details in the Quo­te print form.

Cloud Sto­rages

  • Chan­ged the hb.cldmail.ru domain to the hb.bizmrg.com for Hot­box sto­rage.
  • Disk quo­ta now respects dele­ted image resi­ze cache.
  • Fixed issue when using clodo.ru with htt­ps enab­led.
  • Fixed issue uploading to Selec­tel files lar­ger than 5 MB with spaces in the file names.

Email Mar­ke­ting

  • Fixed issue that occur­red on the Sta­tis­tics page due to the unavai­la­bi­li­ty of the Site Explo­rer modu­le.


  • User ses­si­on is now updated after cri­ti­cal user data was deac­ti­va­ted, dele­ted or updated.
  • Added a new com­po­nent main.mail.confirm and an email con­fir­ma­ti­on event.
  • Added user agree­ments to the “flat” tem­pla­te of the system.auth.registration com­po­nent.
  • Fixed known user inter­face issu­es.

17.5.3 (beta)

  • Fixed issue saving CATALOG_XML_ID and PRODUCT_XML_ID fiel­ds when adding goodt to cart.
  • Impro­ved dis­counts cal­cu­la­ting.
  • Fixed issu­es in catalog.set.constructor com­po­nent.
  • Fixed default tem­pla­te issue in catalog.product.subscribe com­po­nent.

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